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Welcome to EMS!

Here at Eudora Middle School, we have worked tirelessly to make this school all about the kids, building a strong culture, offering multiple opportunities, creating connections with our community, and building strong relationships to help all students succeed. We are all about creating opportunities for students to explore the world of education and help guide them on the path they will take in their future. We have an amazing high school that offers numerous career paths for students. We want to help educate them on what is offered and what they can do now to guide their future. We offer a wide variety of electives for students to take, enrichment programs, activities, and incentive programs to try and find something for every student. 

2635 Church St., P.O. Box 701
Eudora, KS 66025-0701
785-542-4960 | 785-542-4970 (fax)

Jeremy Thomas - Principal
Ty Pattison - Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

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