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In an effort to promote good student attendance, positive student behavior, and academic achievement throughout the school year, Eudora Middle School will implement the following rewards for students to earn each semester:

  • Fall Semester Activities at the end of the semester
  • Spring Class Field Trips for each grade level

These privileges are for students who qualify in each semester based on academics, behavior, and attendance. Below are the criteria to go on the trips. There will be assigned dates to decide on students meeting the criteria for the rewards, which could consist of 1 to 2 weeks prior to the activity. Below are the criteria that a student must meet to be eligible:

  • Students cannot receive more than 1 Major in a semester.
    • Students that have received an ISS suspension in that semester may still attend, so long as they write a letter to administration and approved by administration, explaining what they have learned, why they deserve to go, and what they have changed.
    • Students that have received an OSS suspension in that semester may only attend at administration's discretion. More than 1 day of OSS suspension, students are automatically ineligible.
  • Students cannot receive more than 5 Minors in a semester.
  • Students must not be considered not in good standing for attendance. (Students that have more than 17 days missed and have not created a plan with the office to make up days)
  • Students must be passing ALL classes for the semester one week prior to the field trip.

Students not meeting the criteria for Majors and/or Minors can make up to 3 behavior points through community service at the school per semester. Students can erase 1 Major or 3 Minors by participating in 1 hour of community service at the school. Community service must be approved by administration and set up 1 day in advance. Students must make up Majors and/or Minors in the same quarter that the infraction occurs. They will NOT be able to make up Majors and/or Minors that occur from the previous quarter.

Students not meeting the criteria for Attendance can make up time before/after school, during lunch, and Saturday School. A missed school day equates to 6.5 hours of time that students need to make up. Students may also have the opportunity to make up time volunteering at different school activities, but this must be approved by the school administration.

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